Art of Conquest (AoC)

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By Lilith Games

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  • Release Date: 2017-06-06
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  • Adult Rating: 9+
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  • Developer: Lilith Games
Score: 4
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  • Horrible customer service

    By Bucca358
    This game is fun, I will not take away from that. Customer service here is horrible. I am having issue with a certain hero never appearing in my store. This hero is Jacque and it is one of the best heroes in game play as of right now. Needless to say I am at a disadvantage, I have written customer service 4 days ago and not Single reply or explanation not even a notification that they received my complaint.. nothing!!! What a waste of hard work by the developers people are just getting frustrated leaving a great game because the customer service..
  • So sad

    By CoH Aemilius
    I have been playing AoC for a long time now and what started out with such potential has just become a drag. It is very pay to win with whatever flavor-of-the-month overpowered hero is currently in fashion. Yes eventually they may nerf them but then they tweak another to keep it going. Heal times are atrocious, especially when you consider that somehow bronze troops and heroes can kill off lots of gold troops on defense. Whatever they were shooting for with the automatic shield fell far short cause I have seen way too many maulings and yet to see it protect anyone. Great game for someone if they want to drop lots of money and bully other players. For the rest of us, save your time and find another game
  • Listens to there players

    By Dravenrulz
    Thank u for the change
  • No iPhone X screen support

    By PapiPineapple
    No iPhone X screen support, looks horrible on the iPhone X screen.
  • Bullies in Duels

    By Forza T
    What a game of bullying. I cannot stand that a high level player can challenge a low player to a duel and basically take away that players ability to play the game. If you accept said duel undoubtedly you will lose because they know they overpower you 10x in the first place, which will cost you all your troops plus disable your heroes used. If you decline it takes away 1 life from every hero you own. It's a lose lose. Why such a high penalty for declining? What I think would be more fair is if the challenging player is significantly higher than the one they are challenging to the duel there should not be such a strong penalty for declining. If players are of equal level than impose a stronger penalty for declining, but if a high level confronts a lesser one, why fully penalize the low player who has no recourse? For a new or low level player to have all their heroes deducted a life is an even harsher penalty than it is for a higher player, as the new player undoubtedly has early level heroes who have low life capacity in the first place and most likely their entire hero inventory is small.
  • So far so well

    By Jeff2334659
    This game is pretty good and I would give it 5 and 1/2 stars if I could.
  • Roulette

    By bstreet1967
    Nice game, fun but you have no way to tell if your on a server that speaks English or not. Absolutely no fun when you invest in a game with no way to speak let alone read an Asian language.
  • For all the complainers

    By King of lies
    Yes heroes are broken and I seen one guy complaining about lunatic prices I would rather things be expensive because then not many people will have these over powered things most people get the first bundle and patron every month the first bundle is usually 9.99 and then the patron 4.99 or 0.99 for the first purchase and they do a ton of deals like recently theirs a deal for 1.99 for a month and that’s great they even may a new lower costing subscription like the .99 one that doesn’t include daily lunatics and pots or troop cap but the things is yes it has some broken things but that’s with every game they are trying to balance but it’s not like they can just delete a character people paid for it’s like all the other character we need to wait for them to come up with things like before when they balanced races and made everything 100% dismantle rates or whenever they nerfed some heroes and they allowed us to trade them out we just need o be calm and wait for them to do the same with Jacques and no this isn’t a pay to win yes 2nd hero and on is expensive but as a not rich person myself I’ve spent probably 25$ in 3 months and that’s for patrons and a hero lol and they even made the void so you can get free heroes? Like cmon.. play long then 1 week before making a reply
  • Fun Game BUT Very Unbalanced!!!

    By I_Z_I
    It’s a real shame when a game has so much potential. It is fun at first but unless you’re willing to put in at LEAST $300.00 USD there isn’t much point in playing. The server and game is made for pay to win. Each server has at least one player who has more than one account so there will be someone spying on you to exploit your team and especially newer players! If you change servers you lose all of your progress from the previous one. So unless things become more balance to such things I would suggest find another game to invest your time into. So if you’re willing to pay $500.00 USD in a “free” game to feel stable to enjoy it, have fun :) I’ll happily alter my review upon proper and reasonable updates.
  • Game is Broken

    By Gameisbroken524
    horrible pay to win mechanics , and the hero Jacques is incredibly OVERPOWERED , he can destroy ENTIRE armies by himself! He is ruining the game and he has been out for months , how have developers not nerfed him????


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