Brutal Age: Horde Invasion

Brutal Age: Horde Invasion APK Download

By Tap4Fun

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-09-29
  • Current Version: 0.2.03
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 193.79 MB
  • Developer: Tap4Fun
Score: 5
From 14,208 Ratings



  • Thank you

    By c.m.d.ayyy
    Thank you for this game it's new to me and it's so confuzzleding to me
  • I would say pretty complicated because of all the stuff

    By Unknown(IhopeItdosen'tlag
    Why in the world did u make this for.Its no so fun at all and what do you mean by “ages 12+”this game is like for 4+ not 12+ and like if it’s 12+ u would need violence and blood.Im not a big fan of this game so I don’t really think it’s good.
  • Confusing

    By All hype 34
    Some of the events are confusing. The game really favors pay to play players. You can lose weeks worth of savings in seconds from an attack by a higher player. There is little ways to win by strategy. Large clans created alliances and agree not to fight each other and they smash new players.
  • It's alright

    By Aljeane
    The game is good but Me and my whole horde is planning on going to a different game all together. All of the new players are part of the black horde, so the developers have us in the same server as the other big guys. We can't even grow out clans without being farmed by different hordes. So if you're just starting out, I recommend spending 1000$ just to catch up to the rest of the guys in the short time. The graphics are good though, very simple game and the gameplay is fun.
  • Mixed feelings

    By Catfeathers
    Great game, until it wasn’t. Couldn’t log onto the server. Not my iPad but on their end. Tech support has not responded. It’s been five days. Lots of talk about how responsive they are, don’t believe it.
  • Pay to survive

    By BowserBoss007
    This game is free to play and fun IF you're going to pay a lot of money to advance. If not, don't bother. I saw that the developer said you can use your shield to defend against attacks, but you only have a couple of shields to start with and then you need to purchase them. I'm amazed that this game has more than three stars, since the majority of players get destroyed by the top ten percent (ie those who pay). It makes me wonder if the reviews are manipulated.
  • Best game ever

    By Momma5118
    I have played it for so long, but its always fun. I love making clans, and i love attacking people. 5 stars
  • Ummmm....

    By jade0721
    Is there some kind of glitch or something because I cannot for my life get past the loading page. I have tried twice on the iPad and once on the iPhone and neither work. I could’ve already been playing a different game with the amount of time I spent just trying to get past the loading page. No good.
  • This game is not for 12+ or families!

    By Googergieger
    It's probably my favorite game of the genre when it comes to gameplay. The few bugs in game get handled quickly and you get free items for the inconvenience. Like most of these games, money players have a big advantage but I have no issue with that. My issue is with nobody monitoring the game chat system. It is full of players cursing, making incredibly vile personal attacks, and using racial and homophobic slurs. I've contacted customer service a few times over it, but they respond late and will only mute the offending player for a day or two. Then the player will come back and start it all over again with the same issues. You can link your Facebook and if the Facebook picture is obscene they will do nothing about it as well. Fair enough if the game was rated mature, but the terms of service and game rating make it clear it is supposed to be a game suitable for kids(12 and up)and families. It is not. I will contact Apple and hopefully this game can be marketed properly.
  • Brutal age

    By silver canyon
    I have been playing this game for about a year now it is fun and kills allot of time and it’s easy to get into only bad things are the chat system for censorship needs to be better it censored all sorts of normal words which makes it really hard to communicate and there are so many little rules you don’t know about that you can only learn the hard way they need a instruction manual with rules of the game this also the contact us is not the best you have to be very clear with what you say or they will give some simple answer that has nothing to do with what your asking and end the conversation session


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