Secret Share

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By Yasashi Matsuo

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2017-10-20
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 12.46 MB
  • Developer: Yasashi Matsuo



This software does secret sharing using 'Shamir's secret sharing method. For the method, (2, 2) 2 share 3 combine (2, 3) 2 share 3 combine (3, 3) 2 share 3 combine (3, 5) 2 share 3 combine these four methods is supported. After Shared, each piece is about 80 bytes larger than the source data. There is no limit on the size of files (data) that can be handled. But, about 1 MB I suppose it will be the realistic maximum size. The reason is the time required for combining. For the combination of secret sharing using "Shamir 's Secret Sharing Scheme" it will take a huge amount of time. about 1MB about 1 minute or less about 15MB about 5 minutes to 15 minutes about 150MB about 1 hour to 3 hours Generally, it is like this. (I think that it is faster with a fast runner.) it takes less time, however, for sharing. Usually, it takes about 1/10 of the combing time. However, it actually takes about this time for combining. Also, regardless of the number of sharing of 3 divisions and 5 divisions, 3 combine takes more than three times longer than two combine for combining. Simply, three combine take three times as long as two combine. In addition, in this software, in order to realize high-speed processing, I have not issued a Cancel (Interrupt) dialog. Therefore, when handling large size objects, until the processing is completed, it becomes no reaction state practically. Because of these things, handling sizes that are too large, it is impossible practically. However, programmatically, the size of files (data) that can be handled is There is no restriction. But, since, programmatically, there is no restriction for the size of files (data) that can be handled, then Even if it may take many hours to combine, you do not mind. if so, you can handle large size data as well. Secret sharing is like that Divide one file into several files. One can restore the original file by aligning the divided files for the specified number of files. Then also, it has such properties Unless the number of pieces shared required for combining is aligned, and combining processing is performed, it does not return to the original. No information before share can be obtained from each piece shared. Therefore, Hide each individual piece in a place only you know. It is only you who can align the number of pieces shared needed for combining. If that is the case, it is said that it is absolutely safe. About "Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme" it is said that a piece created using "Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme" are unanalyzable, regardless of what one do on the piece shared, one can not get any original information. Therefore, you can use it where very high safety is required. Also, this software using "Shamia Secret Sharing Scheme". It is not. Secret sharing of Ramp method Secret sharing of AONT method. Therefore, if the size of the object to be handled is large, the time required for combining is enormous. However, in terms of safety, this one is much higher. Because "Shamia's Secret Sharing Scheme" is perfect secrecy, but both Ramp method and AONT method can not be perfect secrecy. In the case that if the size of data to be concealed is less than 100 bytes as such personal authentification card number cash card PIN credit card number .etc so, the size of the object to be handled does not matter, in all respects, I think, "Shamir 's Secret Sharing Scheme" will be more beneficial than the Ramp method and the AONT method.