AR Block Party

AR Block Party APK Download

By Sandbox Global Company Limited



Throw a block party anywhere! Build a stack of blocks direct from your phone and use your skills to push, pull, nudge them out, and stack them on top. Be careful: any unsteady moves could result in your tower crashing down. Choose your favorite items to stack, and select your ideal nudging tool from the menu. Get your friends together and see who's the champ in this addictive AR game of strategy and dexterity. Special Features: *PLAY ANYWHERE: Through the power of AR, build a stack in your living room, in the office, at the train station or even in the club. *CHOOSE YOUR BLOCKS You wanna stack wood? Gold bars? Cash? Or even burgers? Choose your favorite from the menu. *PICK OF THE STICKS Show you're the most skillful nudger using whatever pointer you're given: a finger, a pencil or a banana. *PLAY WITH FRIENDS Get the gang together, build a stack in eye-popping AR wherever you are and play together. Who has the steadiest hand? --------------------------------------------------------- Follow us at: Feedback/Support: