Goodak - analog retro film cam

Goodak - analog retro film cam APK Download

By PSDC Creative Inc.



* Goodak lets you express even the most subtle mood on your photos. * With Goodak, you can take every beautiful moment as a permanent memories. * Goodak makes your moments as precious as the feelings of analog film. Recall that in 1997 the latest Kodak DC 120, the Agfa Ephoto 1280 camera had two megapixels (when such pixels were awesome) No one knew at that time that one day your phone could turn out to be such a great camera (thanks to the iPhone for bringing a better way of taking photos of the world) We hope that with this Goodak application, we will be able to record those beautiful moments and let us all regain some pure impressions. UNIQUE FEATURE * Simple intuition, no fancy features. * Rinse photo as long as three seconds (quick rinse, we are not too patient, ha ha:) * With two shooting modes and interface (self-timer or shooting others) * Free to choose whether to add date watermark. * Allows direct and traditional horizontal photo paper. * Randomly apply a variety of 80's retro filter. * For iPhone 8/8 Plus/iPhone X ABOUT GOODAK Goodak is the name of a photography quarterly journal founded by our team in 1997. Each session explores many photographic techniques and also visits many unique photographers, it is a period worth remembering, At that time, we published Goodak Magazine with the aim of "making good photos." So we combined "Good" with "dak" (Kodak created the film, so we take this dak word as a tribute.) This is the origin of Goodak and also a group of dream for photography young people in 1997. Keep in touch with us for more tips, even some help and Have fun! :)