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By Millennial Apps, LLC



  • Easy to Memorize! Easy to Use!

    By MrMG2
    Great app for memorizing things. Clean and simple. Love how it helps me stay organized and reminds me to review so I don’t forget. Effective. Highly recommend!


From the makers of Scripture Typer, the number one app for Bible Memorization, comes Memory Typer. Memorize anything in three easy steps—"Type It", "Memorize It" and "Master It". It's never been so easy to tuck away massive amounts of information into that powerful brain of yours. Just type the first letter of each word in the document that you want to memorize. Our three step process makes it easy to progressively master the material. And best of all, no natural talent for memorization is required! Get started today and equip yourself for success with Memory Typer!