Lionheart: Dark Moon

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By Emerald City Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-10-11
  • Current Version: 1.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 250.94 MB
  • Developer: Emerald City Games
Score: 4.5
From 1,710 Ratings



  • Fix this boss

    By SauceyAsian
    I seriously cant get past koshca its that hard her moves aren't broken but revive, seriously? Out of all the last gasp its revive and she has 720 or more health and you expect us to do that again? I wonder how many players are stuck on this world. If you fix this im definitely giving 5 star but for now this broken boast needs to be fixed.
  • Heavily balanced for whales. Low spenders, click next

    By BriReino
    Could be very cool with balance. Right now though, the attack rates & automatic percentage of enermy life remaining makes the actual character stats inaccurate at best. Definitely not going to spend on this game until I see improvement. Update: Game is now even more dependent on heavy spending. If you’re not planning on dropping $50 out the gate, you have about 5 hours of play before you hit a wall. 11/20/17: Still extremely imbalanced. PVP - it’s extremely easy for a character of lower to equal value to 1 hit kill 3/4 of your party before you get the chance to attack or defend. It’s even garbage compared to the game it’s following up to. I’ll stick to trustworthy game manufacturers from now on.
  • Fun times

    By launchpadmquack
    Good game, it’s been fun so far. The walkthrough is really thorough and the game seems basic so it makes it a great time killer.
  • Punished for Progression

    By bighappyocean
    I don’t write many reviews but this one is for the developers to see. The arena matching algorithm is so poor it will drive people to quit. I spent time, got a few in app purchases, progressed a bit and now sit at around 0 trophies. New accounts rank much higher than me because I am consistently matched with people who are double my level, power and sit at around 1600 to 2200 trophies. They are 4 or 5 leagues above me and that is all I get matched with and so I lose 90%. Even after the last round of bug fixes, it is still filled with tons of bugs. Some work in the players favor, others don’t. The game is playable and enjoyable, but the balance is so far off that it doesn’t entice people to play more, it will drive them to quit and move on to another game.
  • Gorgeous yet empty

    By Dethedrus
    This game has an amazing aesthetic but is hollow on the inside. Limited energy, an anemic regeneration rate of said and escalating cost of levels means you'll be playing in very small chunks of time. It's quite easy to burn through it all in a minute with quick loot. Then there's the gold situation... EVERYTHING costs an insane amount of gold (especially raising hero rarity or skills) and you basically get nothing for income. So you'll hit a fairly early pay wall which I'm sure was the intent. "Can't get past this level? But some premium currency to in turn buy gold!" UPDATED: No more energy. Sounds great, right? Greatly reduced drop rates and the same aggressive push for IAP and crazy huge difficulty curve. Basically the same pretty game that just wants you to open up your bank account for a little progress. No thanks.
  • Revised review

    By The boss6969
    Since you actually listened to the players callin for energy issues thank you for changing it hence the revision and 5 stars however events closer together as well as a way to sell excess hero tokens for gold would be great Cheers
  • Nicholas Wilcoxson

    By angry avid player
    I have but over 50 bucks into the game and I got a new phone and have yet to get any response about help to get my account back. It doesn’t seem to have any Login options either.... but great game I love it for everything else that it is.
  • Good game

    By Cofez
    Very fun and entertaining. More challenging than some and a good time
  • Free Trial...

    By Ben-MCoC
    Until you’re hooked but can’t progress anymore then it becomes an expensive game. Don’t get fooled by the game’s charming first bit. You won’t progress without paying money. Dear devs please fix something. It could be such a great game if it was without greed.
  • Just another pay to win phone game.

    By Banana peelz
    Can’t get ahead of people dropping real money in the game. Hit a wall of no progression less than a day after Starting the game. Not worth it. 0/5 rating if one could give it.


Pick up and play this brand new mobile RPG with stunning graphics and animation! Build your powerful army of heroes from a wide variety of amazing characters and beasts! Fight through strategic and story-driven battles as you collect pets, gems and potions to defeat the Shard of Whispers and drive away the Darkness! Return to the beautiful, fascinating and dangerous world of Lionheart in Dark Moon! Every hero has their story. Collect them all and unleash their power as you fight your way to victory! The Vaultkeeper has fallen and the Darkness is returning. It’s time for his grandchildren, Timothy and Natalia, to embark on an epic journey to collect Keys and free legendary heroes to join you in battle. Return to worlds encountered in Lionheart Tactics and explore new ones, from the mystic forests of the Tumbledowns to the blistering sands of Ibrim. Take on fearsome bosses, like Koscha the Deathless and the terrible Frog King, as you fight not only to survive but to save the very fabric of the world! A network connection is required to play. ************************************************************************************ ▶ [OVER 100 AWESOME HEROES TO COLLECT!] Beautifully animated 3D heroes fill this gorgeous world. Collect Rose Elf archers, Human mages, Centaur Warriors, Bears, Bugs, Birds and many more awesome and varied races! ▶ [ENGAGING AND FUN BATTLE SYSTEM] Unleash friendship combos and charge-up skills. Freeze enemies, wrap them in vines or light them on fire! Fight up to 4 vs 4 heroes in thrilling turn-based battles! ▶ [POWER UP WITH PETS, SKILLS AND POTIONS] Find rare and legendary pets which assist your heroes in battle. Collect gems to unlock new and powerful skills. Gather Hero Tokens to rank up your level up and become stronger! ▶ [BATTLE THE WORLD IN THE ARENA] Fight through weekly tournaments to take on your friends and rivals as you aim for the top spot in the world! Weekly prizes based on your rank! ▶ [AND MUCH MORE!] Complete daily quests, build your collection and dive into the epic backstory of LIONHEART: DARK MOON. ************************************************************************************ Visit our website @ Contact us @